Liz Dell
   HND (Fine
Art) TDip (IT)                                             

Paper fascinates Liz.  Usually the support for artistic work, it has become her medium.  She tears and cuts, folds and burns, creating an endless variety of shapes.  Shadows are important in her work, giving relief passages life and mood, by cast shadows and creating shapes that move as the light moves, and the intensity of the light changes.  Adding found objects to a work adds contrast and allows the   outside world to enter her work. Her work can be described variously as assemblage, construction, collage, and pyrograph.

Inspiration often comes from the paper itself, its weight, texture and colour; something that just happened to the paper, a form a shape that she can build on.  She finds landscapes as interesting as cityscapes, in shape and mood.  Words and phrases, thoughts and feelings are inspirational too, either on their own, tending to abstract works, or adding feeling and mood to figurative works.

Following a career in Computing, Liz took early retirement to study art.  She chose an HND course because of the breadth of media and content of the syllabus, graduating in 2008. 

She works around an inspiration and hopes it will be appreciated for what it is, an expression in form rather than words. 

City on Glacier Rock - Liz Dell

Grown from Seed - Liz Dell

June Morning - Liz Dell

Observatory - LIz Dell

Cotto in Forno - Liz Dell

Barren Cliffs and Boulders - Liz Dell

Follow Your Dream - Liz Dell

You can still see the fields - Liz Dell

The Third Age ... I shall Wear Purple - Liz Dell

Liz Dell - Memories of the Forrest

Pub Quiz - Liz Dell

I Must go Down to the Sea Again - Liz Dell

Cleft - Liz Dell

Tribute to Troika - Liz Dell

Pembroke Coast - Liz Dell

Harvest Moon - Liz Dell

Fractured Sun - Liz Dell

Woodland Allium - Liz Dell

Wild Allium - Liz Dell

Wharf Road - Liz Dell

Shore Things II - Liz Dell

Reflections - Liz Dell

Recurring Dream by Liz Dell

Habitat - Liz Dell

Frozen Planet - Liz Dell

Bushveld - Liz Dell

A Winter's night - Liz Dell
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