Guest Artist 2020

Sarah Mander

MA Fine Art Print-making

Sarah has been a practising artist printmaker for over twenty-five years. The inspiration for her work is industrial and technological heritage. She focuses in on objects, such as aircraft or spacecraft or early computers that were at the cutting edge of technology at the time or on the cusp of change. She is interested in how these objects are made, for example the pattern of rivets on aircraft denoting the forming of the aircrafts shape.
She is inspired by the way that these objects have been weathered and worn by time and use, being fascinated by the results of time, wear and atmospheric conditions on man-made objects. she depicts the way that through age surfaces become rich in texture and colour.
Sarah produces her work using these techniques; etching, drypoint and collagraph. These processes enable her to create highly embossed and textured images. These printmaking techniques also involve the erosion of metal and degradation of cardboard substrates, the process of creating the work mirroring the subject matter of the work. 
Sarah has a BA hons degree and following the completion of her Master's Degree in Fine Art Printmaking from Wimbledon School of Art Sarah set up, and continues to run, Red Hot Press which is a successful and respected print workshop in Southampton, England.  The workshop exists to promote Fine Art Printmaking to the wider public. Over the past sixteen years they have earned a reputation for the quality of their course programme. She teaches printmaking at Red Hot Press and is also a visiting lecturer at West Dean college.


Seamstree II - Sarah Mander

Seamstree - Sarah Mander

Boneyard 5 - Sarah Mander

Flying Pan Handle (Grey) - Sarah Mander

Flying Pan Handle (Yellow) - Sarah Mander

Pattern Matching - Sarah Mander

Pattern Seeking - Sarah Mander

Flat Iron (Grey) - Sarah Mander

Elegant Code - Sarah Mander

Boneyard 6 - Sarah Mander
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